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About QuickApps

QuickApps is a part of AgreeYa’s award-winning suite of solutions that simplifies SharePoint management and customization. QuickApps includes a set of SharePoint web apps and pre-built templates that simplifies SharePoint development and slashes application lifecycle costs. Better yet, QuickApps minimize the cost and effort of supporting, maintaining and upgrading business applications ensuring their long-term impact and return on investment.

QuickApps Benefits

Fast customization - Meet SLAs, accelerate time to delivery, and keep users (and your boss) happy. Use point-and-click configuration instead of custom code to customize SharePoint solutions up to 80 percent faster.

Short learning curve: Quickly build better SharePoint solutions with easy-to-use web apps featuring built-in video training and tutorials. Discover best practices, tips and tricks from SharePoint peers and QuickApps experts in the collaborative QuickApps community at AgreeYa.

Cost Containment - Maximize your SharePoint investment. Rein in budgets by accelerating SharePoint development cycles in order to save resources, time and money on costly enhancements.

High user satisfaction - Provide sophisticated forms without costly InfoPath development, and enhance your users’ experience with compelling dashboards and charts.

Empowered users – You can empower end users to make their own customizations without any risk to the environment, freeing expensive development resources for more value-added projects.

Rapid delivery - Accelerate SharePoint application development cycles using ready-made templates to deliver help desk, project management and CRM applications that are easily supported, maintained and extended.

Code-free apps - Build applications that you can easily maintain and support with no custom coding and up to 80 percent faster.

K2 workflow integration - Build dashboards and charts that provide full visibility of your K2 workflows (including real-time workflow) status. Then build rich SharePoint forms that drive business processes, so users can take action on K2 workflows from directly within the SharePoint form.

For more QuickApps information and free trial visit http://quickapps.agreeya.com write to us at quickapps@agreeya.com

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