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BeatBlip Simplifying Software Test Automation-

In a connected landscape where people, processes and businesses increasingly depend upon software, ensuring superior experience across all user touchpoints is critical. Applications, software and systems need to be tested – fast! Teams must be empowered to focus more on ways to enhance customer experience instead of struggling to keep test deadlines. Adoption of a unified test automation solution like BeatBlip helps organizations address such challenges, enabling faster go-to-market and ensuring a superior customer experience, round the clock.

About BeatBlip

BeatBlip BeatBlip is a simple, unified and reliable solution for software test automation that’s helping organizations deliver quality software on time and within budget. BeatBlip integrates with software development processes and makes automation quick to implement and easy to maintain. It eliminates the need for custom functional test automation programming of web applications, mobile apps and APIs by offering a unified keyword-based approach. While on one hand BeatBlip empowers non-programmers to automate tests comfortably, it also allows automation engineers to extend its capabilities to suite their unique test needs, with the same ease.

Do Any Of These Sounds Familiar?

  • Inadequate test coverage
  • Unexpected downtime caused by high defect leakage rate
  • Extended and long test cycles resulting in delayed time-to-market
  • Testing across platforms leading to increased test and effort
  • Scarcity of time and resources to focus on enhancing customer experience
  • Exorbitant amount of time spent implementing overall automation strategy
  • Very expensive to maintain automation scripts
  • Limited by the constraints of different automation tools

BeatBlip Benefits

  • Up to 50 percent reduction in test cycle time
  • Measurable saving in overall testing costs
  • Improved test coverage
  • Better control and transparency of test activities
  • Low maintenance
  • Enhanced efficiency in the use of testing resources
  • And more….

For more information on BeatBlip, its features and benefits, or to download a free trial write to us at beatblip@agreeya.com.

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