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SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud


Be ready for a major disruption in the way you do business.
Technology is constantly on the move. But the past few years have shown monumental transformations that are doing more than changing the way people do business. They are reinventing it. These exciting new frontiers in technology – namely, social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) – have been creating a major buzz. However, to AgreeYa, it’s more than a buzz word. It’s a disruption to your business. A good one. Improved customer satisfaction, sustainable competitive advantages and significant enterprise-value growth are among the many benefits of SMAC. Knowing how to unleash the power behind this trend will make it a solid component to your business.


In today’s business world, SMAC is no longer a “nice-to-have.” It’s a necessity.
No matter the industry, all organizations are faced with heavy competition. Standing out from the crowd with superior customer service is more important than ever, but so is being agile, connected, and insight-enabled. Investing in SMAC helps ensure that your business is quickly and thoroughly covered in these key areas.

Our Approach

Your business doesn’t need interruptions. It seeks one big disruption. We can help.
There’s no time to lose momentum, and the last thing an organization needs is technical glitches or interruptions that create delays. Businesses are craving a major disruption – an evolution to make the most of social, mobile, analytics and cloud. And while all this sounds great on paper, AgreeYa’s tools, expertise and global delivery framework will help bring this disruption to life.

AgreeYa’s Spectrum of SMAC Services


  • Portals, Content & Social Collaboration
  • MS SharePoint/O365 (SharePoint Online)
  • Implementation/ Upgrade/ Migration/ Training/ Management


  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Optimized Websites/ Portals


  • Business Intelligence/ Analytics/EDW
  • Reporting
  • Big Data


  • Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Management

Turn-Key SMAC Software

Out-of-the-box enterprise intranet and social collaboration solution

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) on Private Cloud